Thriving Since 1974


Camden Market is the largest market in London — a world-famous retail, leisure and cultural destination attracting more than 28 million visitors a year. Established brands and independent enterprises thrive in a community that provides over 1,100 places to shop, eat, drink and be entertained.


LabTech manages 16-acres of real estate in Camden — providing investors, single enterprises, SME’s and corporates with unique business opportunities.

Our space as a service model, combined with investment in innovative technology drives prosperity in a single, interconnected ecosystem.


Space - Technology - Collaboration

Our strategy drives added value that reaches far beyond bricks and mortar management. We connect
customers with businesses with living and lifestyle in one seamless experience.


Market Stalls, Workshops, Pop-ups and Retail Units,
Office Space


Smart Buildings Management, Smart Kitchens, Omnichannel Shopping


Co-working, Co-retail, Business Support, Promotion
and Networking


Quality - Choice - Diversity

More than 20-million people visit Camden Market each year, and our food and drink destinations cater for everyone.

From workers in a rush and business people getting things done to London locals and overseas spending quality time together — we provide a diverse array of daytime and nighttime food and drink experiences.

Camden Market provides one of the most distinct eating and drinking experiences
in London.

From canalside bars, restaurants and cafes, to our Farmers Market and world-renowned cosmopolitan street-food
stalls — visitors enjoy hundreds of ways to eat, drink and be entertained.

We invest in own-branded food and beverage offers to
enhance Camden’s reputation as a culturally significant food destination.

Our specialist in-house chefs work with ‘foodpreneurs’ and emerging talent to create exciting offers using the wide selection
of fresh, fine produce we have available at the market.

Some of our brands:


Physical shopping remains the cornerstone of the Camden Market adventure. Nothing beats the bustle and vibe people feel when they visit Camden.

That’s why we carefully curate the businesses who operate in our shop units to ensure visitors can purchase a diverse range of fashionable goods.

And they can now enhance the experience by using our dedicated website and mobile app to get information on demand, buy online, and click-and-collect.


Camden Market provides an exciting opportunity to reach out to consumer and business audiences through event hosting and promotion.

Our generic footfall, interconnected business audiences and culturally stimulating environments provide the perfect opportunity to build awareness of new products, services and initiatives.

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Host your next event in an architecturally designed state-of-the-art LABS space in the heart of London.
LABS flexible event space is ideal for:
  • Investment Promotion
  • New Product Launches
  • New Services Launches
  • Team Building and Relationship Building Events.
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