16-Acre Real Estate Portfolio


Camden Market in numbers
16 Acre
estate cannot be replicated
1 million sq.ft.
of built area and building rights
28 million
visitors per year
14 million
Population in London metropolitan area, 2016
19 million
Overseas visitors came to London in 2016
4% p.a.
Annual expected growth in overseas visions to London by 2025
9% increase
in London population between mid 2016 and 2026
Traders selling unique craft items
Producing a secure income stream since


Ownership, management and investment

We own and manage four iconic London locations in a single portfolio: Hayley Wharf, Stables Market, Camden Lock Market, and Union Street Market.


Our vision is to create a unique destination where people can live, work, stay, shop and play — to move effortlessly between daytime and nighttime experiences.


Strategically, we have invested in a seamless ecosystem of shopping, eating and leisure venues, combined with office workspace, homes and hotels.

The result is footfall numbering more than 30m people a year — visitors and Londoners who spend extended time in our locations — rising demand for our space — and an increase in the value of our assets.


We use technology to connect bricks and mortar locations with opportunities to deliver increased value to investors, businesses and partners.

RunTech and SmartGreen (LabTech companies) play a significant part in LabTech’s asset management by providing innovative IT and infrastructure systems, IoT integration, omnichannel shopping, and cost-saving property mechanical management.

Hawley Wharf Camden

Community and creativity sit at the heart of our vision for Hawley Wharf

Hawley Wharf is a canal-side development built on the former Camden Lock Village site — including residential units, offices, new public squares, an art-house, cinema, cafes, restaurants, a food market and a new local primary school.

With a footfall projected to rise to 50 million a year (around 80,000 visitors a day) by 2020, Hawley Wharf represents an extension of LabTech’s vision to add value to real estate investment by creating interconnected experiences.

Exclusive workshops provide a stimulating environment for craftsmen, artisans and designers to bring their creativity to life, while additional offices are being built to cater to media, tech, music and fashion industries.

The Hawley Wharf site comprises:
  • Hundreds of independent and branded stores and places to eat
  • London’s largest farmers’ market
  • A new fitness concept
  • London view rooftop and restaurants
  • New entertainment and leisure spaces
  • LABS co-working spaces
  • STAY serviced apartments.

Camden Lock Market

A bustling outdoor arts, crafts and food market positioned in the West Yard.

Historically Camden Lock was Camden’s first market — London’s original destination for arts and crafts.

Today it’s an international destination playing host to a diverse range of world-famous award-winning street food stalls; and traders selling art, collectables and jewellery with a focus on artisan craftsmanship.

Stables Market

Over 700 shops, stalls and co-working spaces centred around the North Yard.

Stables Market is the largest market in Camden.

Built on the site of a former horse hospital, the canal side development and catacombs under the arches include street food, restaurants, leisure and retail units – selling everything from antiques to brick-a-brack, curios, jewellery, fashion and furniture. Above the market, our LABS co-working space provides a collaborative environment where businesses can take advantage of our service-as-a-space model and investment in technological innovation.

The entire site delivers a vibrant local and tourist eco-system that makes Stables Market a priority destination for over 30 million visitors a year.

Union Street Market

200 semi-permanent stalls situated on the bustling Camden High Street

Union Street Market overlooks Regent’s Canal in Camden Town: and has significant planning and redevelopment potential.

The close-cluster market is a world-renowned destination for visitors interested in alternative goods with a focus on jewellery and clothing.